Clare Campbell, 36, is a juicy artist and storyteller.

She lives in Liverpool, England in a very magical little coach house. She dreamt it up, made a collage of it and with a few twists of fate – there it was a few months later (its actually a bit more gorgeous than she imagined it could be).

Clare takes a very earthy grounded approach to her life and work, influenced by her liverpudlian heritage !

She is also a big dreamer with magical vision, an irreverent sparkle and a risk taking quality that has helped her spread her style of work into new untouched arenas where she is often spreading love and glitter in a sea of grey suits and policy.

She is often wobbly and scared and has suffered from her own low self esteem and depression over the years.  Clare started off her therapy career working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse and the mental health system. The lack of any inspiring provision led her to create and expand a successful enterprise and consultancy ( ) -inspiring change, magic and celebration. Her new web site ( celebrates her writing work and new book.

Her approach is rooted in the belief that people can heal and thrive when given love and allowed to nurture their authentic dreams and find hope.

Look out for Clares first book to be published in March 2010 with a tour in america in April and a launch in Liverpool on the 13th May 2010 .The book is called Love , Hope and High Heels and is an insight into her life and work.